What is the Sources of Halal Products?

What is the Sources of Halal Products?
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The main sources of halal products are plants and animals that have been created by Allah on the earth, as a gift to its followers. Therefore they should be appreciated. But these plants and animals came from various kind and species; some of them are Halal and the others are Haram. Allah has created Halal and Haram for the sake of human benefits.

ANIMALS – it can be divided into two main categories:

  • Land Animals.
  • Water Animals.

Halal Products from Land Animals

All land animals are permitted to be eaten except:

  • Animals not slaughtered according to Islamic Laws.
  • Pigs.
  • Dogs.
  • Carnivorous animals that slash and kill, such as tigers, bears, elephants and other similar animals.
  • Birds with claws or birds that feed by snatching and tearing, such as eagles and other birds similar. (Scavengers and birds of prey)
  • Animals which are permitted to be killed in Islam such as rats, centipedes, eagles, scorpion and other similar animals.
  • Animals and insects forbidden to be killed in Islam, as ants, bees and woodpecker and any other animals.
  • Animals which are generally considered as repulsive such as lice, flies, maggots and other similar animals.

Halal Products from Water Animals

Water animals are those which live only in water. They are Halal (Permissible) and can be eaten, except if poisonous, intoxicated, and harmful to human health.


All types of plants and their products are Halal (permissible) and can be eaten except if poisonous, intoxicated, and harmful to human health.


All forms of water are permissible (Halal) and can be taken except if they are poisonous, intoxicating, and harmful to human health. Islam forbids the intake of alcoholic and intoxicating drinks such as wines and alcoholic beers. Water mixed with filthy water or food laced with wine and alcohol are also not permissible.

The food industry is challenged to accommodate the wide range of complex needs of Muslims worldwide for halal products .

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