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In the context of New Zealand,The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) is a relatively decent sized community organisation, with connections in all geographical regions of New Zealand. To streamline the Halal certification activities, all Halal certification related activities will be conducted under the FIANZ Halal brand. This will bring many benefits to the New Zealand and overseas consumers and exporters of New Zealand Halal products. FIANZ Halal is a division of FIANZ Inc.

FIANZ Halal was established solely to provide certification services to halal-certified meat plants and other halal providers in New Zealand. FIANZ Halal is fulfilling all of its legal and Islamic requirements as it is a Muslim entity.

FIANZ Halal is operating as per its pre-defined procedures and protocols. The personnel have profound understanding of the proper supply of Halal services throughout New Zealand and to all nations through complying with all Halal Islamic requirements.

FIANZ Halal has taken appropriate steps to ensure that Islamic responsibilities are properly implemented in their all activities as they have sufficient Muslim Halal Auditors, Halal Islamic Affairs Expert with authority and responsibility along with other committee members and representatives for the Halal audit, review, and decisions to Halal certification. FIANZ Halal is wholly responsible for its certification decisions.

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