The Niagro Nichirei do Brasil Agrícola Ltda or Nichirei Group, which performs breeding, cultivation, processing, and distribution of final products, is the world’s only comprehensive producer of acerola-juice products. Presently, we are supplying the following acerola products for industrial use.

Niagro Nichirei do Brasil Agrícola Ltda Import and export of frozen fruit juices, vegetable juices, and related food products and Import and export of beverage products

In our Petrolina factory, acerola-juice products are Halal certified and produced by selecting and processing harvested acerola fruits by using the latest equipment in a rigorous quality-control environment.

Supply Healthy Fruit Products All Over the World

In the 1980s, the Nichirei Group started manufacturing acerola-based products using acerola fruits obtained from Brazil. Since then, for more than two decades,we have expanded the acerola-beverage business in Japan.

In the process, we have been directly involved in the management of plantations and fruit-juice processing facilities in Brazil, and have pursued distribution operations for industrial acerola-juice products in Europe and North America.

Acerola is presently recognized as a “Superfruit” owing to its extremely high natural vitamin C content and potent antioxidant effects.

Backed by its quality-assurance framework, the Nichirei Group has been striving to develop a broad market for acerola products and is also promoting other new tropical fruit products.

As a member of the Nichirei Group, we aim to deliver an array of healthy, fresh, and delicious products to our customers.

Product Name

  • Acerola Puree
  • Acerola Juice Concentrate
  • Acerola Juice Concentrate
  • Acerola Juice Concentrate
  • Acerola Juice Concentrate
  • Clear Acerola Juice


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