Halal Correct Certification provides certification of manufacturers and suppliers of halal products. With our experience of many years, Halal Correct Certification has a reputation for being a unique, professional, and expert organization in the Netherlands and Europe. Halal Correct does not actively seek clients but is approached by different companies around Europe to do business. Over the past ten years, Halal Correct has become one of the most knowledgeable Halal organizations in Europe.

Halal certification in the entire chain

Halal Correct shall comply with the foundations of Islamic slaughter and processing of products at all times. Halal Correct handles the entire chain strictly and professionally. In addition, Halal Correct sets the highest standards and requirements to its quality management system by using a professional documentation and traceability system which is implemented throughout the entire Halal process.

The core business of TQHCC is to provide and organize halal certifications and inspections for the manufacturers and producers of products, with a focus on the food and drinks industry.

We work for the Halal Consumer!

Halal Correct believes that people have the right to consume reliable halal products, in the Netherlands as well as in Europe and the rest of the world. That is why we continuously aim to improve our quality management system. To achieve this, we have raised our activities to a more international level and we strive for international accreditations and recognition

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