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Halal Certification Unit of Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOS) has established a specialized unit in the field of Halal food activity with a specific mechanism to carry out the tasks of this unit.

Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Halal for goods and a products in the light of the standards issued in this regard and that the producers and exporters adhere to if they wish to mark the Halal Food – Cosmetics & Personal Care.

Why Halal Sign :

  • Providing a clear and clear position of the product with the provisions of Islamic law.
  • The tranquility, spirituality and tranquility of the Muslim consumer.
  • To ensure that the food does not contain anything that does not comply with Islamic law.
  • Completely prevent any confusion, confusion, controversy, dispute or dispute about the goods produced.
  • EOS provide continuous support and strategic thrill for Halal products.


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16 training of trainers u - princely - Cairo

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