Döhler América Latina Ltda is a world-leading producer, seller and supplier of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry, driven by technology. Döhler’s integrated approach and broad product portfolio are the ideal foundation for innovative and safe food and beverage applications. 

Döhler América Latina Ltda product portfolio of natural ingredients ranges from natural flavors and colors to ingredient systems, including healthy ingredients, legumes and cereals-based ingredients, dairy and vegetable-based ingredients, fermented ingredients, dried fruits and vegetable ingredients, as well as ingredients of fruit and vegetables.

Döhler América Latina Ltda products is Halal Certified by FAMBRAS Halal Brazil

Natural Ingredients

Discover the full variety of the best natural ingredients – tailor-made to your application

What makes a food or beverage a success? Taste, colour, scent, mouthfeel or healthy added value? The secret is good interplay between the best natural ingredients. That is why we do all we can to make sure every single ingredient and every process step contributes to a unique multi-sensory experience – from sustainable cultivation to just-in-time delivery.

Ingredient Systems

Discover tailor-made all-in-one systems for perfect, multi-sensory taste sensations.

The more layers your product has, the more complex it becomes to procure the ingredients. Researching certified suppliers, price comparisons, negotiations, supply contracts and storage are all huge challenges. In addition, you need technological expertise on the compatibility of the individual ingredients. Our ingredient systems save you this whole laborious process, giving you all the ingredients you need in a stable and standardised system. Rely on tailor-made product properties and the reassuring knowledge that your beverage or food will meet your consumers’ expectations today and every day.

 Our Value Chain

Highest quality and delivery reliability, smart ideas and innovative products for your sustainable market success – to reach this goal, we always go one step further in our supply chain. From the best growing regions around the world to the latest trends and regional consumer preferences. From an individual natural ingredient for your new food or beverage to comprehensive solutions for your industry, with promising product concepts and comprehensive services.


Our Address:

Chacará Baiana - R. Miguel Guidote, 905 - Jardim Res. Granja Machado, Limeira - SP, 13485-342, Brazil