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China Islamic Association is a patriotic religious group and Islamic religious affairs organization of Muslims of all nationalities in China.

The meeting place is located in Beijing.

In July 1952, preparations were initiated by well-known Muslim personalities such as Bourhan Shahidi, Liu Geping, Saifuding Aiziz, Yang Jingren, Da Pusheng, Ma Jian, Pang Shiqian, Ma Yuhuai, etc. on May 11, the following year Establishment of the Chinese Islamic Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association).

This is the first ever unified national Islamist organization in our history. Its establishment marked the realization of the great unity of Muslims of all ethnic groups in China, and served as a bridge for communication between the party and government and Muslims of all ethnic groups.


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No 103 Nanhengxijie Xicheng District Beijing China

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