How to verify Halal Food

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As technology and intelligence grows, in Muslim world there isn’t a single platform to verify halal food status yet.

As the demand for accurate and authenticated Halal products and services is vital for the entire supply chain in particular the end consumers.

We have tried to list out some ways available to verify halal food status:

a. Halal certification Authority Websites

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There are over 200 Halal certification authorities or bodies in the world. Some of them run by the Government, some by non-profit organization while the rest as company.

Firstly head to your local halal certification authority website, for an example head to Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) Halal Authority is a subsidiary company of the Australian National Imams Council. They have a dedicated directory for Halal certified butchery, Farms, Restaurant and others.

We at ehalalfood currently in the process of updating halal food manufacturers. As the verification process done by human, the process of updating the list still on going.

Here is list of websites that list Halal Food manufacturers, farms, restaurants,  butcher and others:

    1. Halal Malaysia Portal
    2. Majelis Ulama Indonesia
    3.  Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America
    4. Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura

b. Verify Halal Mobile Apps

As spreading of fake halal news and rumours fast becoming a global problem Serunai commerce endorsed by JAKIM Malaysia developed Verify Halal Mobile Apps. The apps available for download at Google Playstore and Apple Store.

Verify Halal allows consumers to make an informed decision when shopping for their Halal products. Consumers can either scan or search for product, brand, company or country of their choice.

Verify Halal App features include:

  • Eliminate sharing or spreading of false or fake information on Halal products
  • Real-Time validation on Halal Certified products by JAKIM & JAKIM’s certified Foreign Halal Certification Body
  • Promote special information about the products (e.g. Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegan etc.
  • Barcode Scanning capabilities for registered companies
  • Search by Product, Brand, Company or Country
  • Data Analytics for product views & favourite counter to understand your consumer’s better
  • View Favourite item as voted by the consumers
  • Capabilities for consumer to share verified product info on social media & other platforms.
  • Display country of Origin of products
  • View latest Halal Products offered
  • View latest Halal certified company by JAKIM

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C.  Other Mobile Apps

There are few other mobile apps available for download at google play store. Some of it provide information by scanning the product barcode, some provide information on E codes and ingredients.

However, ehalalfood unable to verify the authentication of publishers and its content.

The information provided here serves as guidance only.

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