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As technology and intelligence grows, in Muslim world there isn’t a single platform to verify halal food status yet. As the demand for accurate and authenticated Halal products and services is vital for the entire supply chain in particular the end consumers. We have tried to list out some ways available to verify halal food […]

Halal Food for Non Muslim Too

Halal Food for Non Muslim too, as bottom line is that Halal food is not just about what the food is but how it is prepared. The Halal concept emphasises safety, hygiene and wholesomeness of food. It also provides an excellent platform for healthy eating. Consideration of the place and process of the animals being […]

Halal Center Established Between Serunai and Atoba

A Halal Center was established between Malaysian company, Serunai Commerce partnering with Mumbai-based Atoba Business Networks Private Limited to set up a new trade platform in India’s Hyderabad city to promote halal businesses. The Halal Center of Excellence launched in the south Indian business hub during the inaugural India International Halal Expo which ended today, […]

Halal Meat May Avoid Coronavirus Transmission

Can Halal Meat consumption avoid the spreading of Coronavirus outbreak such as happening around city of Wuhan, China. At time of writing this article, some 2,000 people were reported to be infected with deadly virus that is believed to be originated from eating snakes. Some of our Muslim friends mind might receive a “beep” notification […]

Halal Products Good Business for 2020

Halal Products Good Business suggested Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez . Halal products that cater to growing Muslim market  has great growth potential for those looking for businesses ideas in 2020 he added. Secretary Lopez is also the Chair of the Halal Export Development and Promotion Board, a policy-making body composed […]


What is Gelatin Made of? Gelatin in food can be from halal or haram sources. Gelatin is an animal by-product, the partially hydrolyzed collagen tissue of various animal parts . Common sources of gelatin are pigskin, cattle hides, cattle bones, and, less frequently, fish skins and poultry skins. In general, a product label does not […]

Halal Food Certifications Given to 47 Cambodian Firms

Halal Food Certifications was granted to 47 local business since the label was created last year in the Kingdom by The Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia. Those Halal Food businesses was given the go-ahead upon complying with halal standards based on Sharia laws. More than 70 Cambodian firm have now applied for certifications from the Cambodian […]

First Halal Shop opens in HCN City

First Halal Shop opens in HCN City (Ho Chi Minh City) on December 25, providing opportunities for Muslims in the southern metropolis choices of Halal food. The shop located at district 1’s Phan Chu Trinh Street is operated by Saigon Trading Corporation, is certified by the representative board of the Muslim community in the city.  With more than 300 […]